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September 17th, 2012, 3:35 pm

Issue 5 :D

If you haven't already seen by the cover, this issue's theme is democratic and patriotic and all and about you guys sharing your stories ^.^ So don't be shy, start talking and reminiscing and laughing and crying about your good ol' days in the Land of Hyrule xD lol.


Contraltissimo (Guest), October 27th, 2012, 9:38 pm

Lol I have a story XD Hi there! Contraltissimo from DeviantArt. These comics are so fun!! XD XD

Well, since you asked, here's some education I received while playing LoZ:TP....

I was riding Epona through some canyons in Hyrule Field, and I see some Tektites up ahead.

Ha! I think to myself, remembering OoT and seeing visions of Epona's tromping hooves just stomping them all to smithereens while Link sits invincible up above. Tektites! Those things are so easy....

So I gallup up to them, and the first one I come to LEAPS UP WAAAAAY faster than they ever did in OoT, UNSEATS ME, knocks me over and chews on my head while Epona drags me on for another fifty yards or so.... X___X

Okay so maybe it wasn't chewing on my head, but it'd be a funny visual. XD

My gosh, those things were SCARY in that game! XD I gave them a much wider berth ever after that.

And that's how Contraltissimo regained her respect for Tektites.

The end! ^_^

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