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December 26th, 2011, 10:43 pm

Finally! Issue 4 is ready to go!!

Apologies for the very delayed update!! I was sort of stuck in a conundrum where working on two issues interferes with the need to go in order when you have the cover for one issue, but comics for another xDD So I finally did the cover for issue 4- the Skyward Sword issue. with some more comics to follow. And I'll probably be updating back and forth between the two issues and filling them in as I go along. Also if you've noticed the Issue 4 cover is the first fully digital cover. And some future comics to come will most likely be done digitally as well. The reason being that I'll be going away overseas and I won't have a scanner available. So if I do get a chance to get some more gags in, I'll probably have them digitally sketched. We'll see how that turns out =w=

But definitely going through a major Zelda craze right now with the whole 25th anniversary overload now making me furiously search for any zelda game I do not have in my collection and vowing to play ALL OF THEM! one day!! xDDD I think the last one left is Link's Awakening. But they have that as a download for the 3DS so it won't be long before I snag my hands on that one =w=

Starting Minish Cap for a third time (due to the first game cartridge i got from ebay screwed up on my and erased my files twice. Got a second cartridge from my friend for christmas along with Oracle of Ages and Seasons) Still playing Skyward Sword, but since I can't bring that to travel with me, I'll most likely be vegging out with Ocarina of Time for the 3DS. fun times ahead! *\(^O^)/*

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